Noam Brown Bio

Noam Brown has been a song leader and educator for over 25 years in a variety of settings including pre-schools, play groups, summer camps, wilderness camps for at-risk youth, and religious gatherings of various faiths. Noam has completed the wonderful 3-day Music Together training and was an ESE certified educator with the State of Florida. He is also a proud member of the Children’s Music Network and has worked with children from pre-school through high school in both formal and informal educational settings.

When his child was a year old, Noam created “Stories in the Park,” a free weekly
story time and play group which met in different parks around Lake Worth. As the
group evolved, several families decided to create “Enriched Playgroup” – a unique
cooperative pre-school based on child-directed play – and chose Noam as the teacher/
facilitator. Parents appreciated Noam’s gentle ways and calming effect on the classroom
environment, and the children truly benefited from the consistency and structure that he provided. Noam’s knowledge and understanding of child development is instrumental in the way he responds to their needs. His ability to connect with kids is grounded not only in his playfulness, but also in his deep respect for children – reflected in the thoughtful and patient manner in which he communicates with them.

Noam’s vision is to share values through music with songs such as the Van Mannen’s
“We Recycle,” which teaches kids what, why, and how we recycle; “I Think You’re
Wonderful” by Red Grammer, which highlights how rewarding it feels to recognize and
acknowledge one another’s gifts; to traditional songs that have been passed down by
artists such as Woody Guthrie, Ella Jenkins, and Pete Seeger; as well as fun action songs
encouraging creative movement such as “Cherkaziya” which Noam’s mother taught him
and his playmates when he was a pre-schooler.

Now Noam is singing with children all over South Florida, whether in small group settings or large performances, and is convinced that no matter how much the kids love Kids’ Music Circle, he loves it even more!!